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AML Cluster

AML Cluster.

The Logistics Cluster of Murcia is integrated by around 40 companies, with 6 of them working as leading ones, and being well represented all the chain supply sectors.

Inside the Cluster, we can find the biggest companies of Murcia, adding the most part of specific activities as refrigerated transport, which is one pillar of the logistics in this region.

Apart from that, many agencies are included in the Cluster, managing some key logistics infrastructures and facilities, as Port of Cartagena or Transport City. These locations are privileged entrances to Spain, Europe or North of Africa.

Human, technical and scientific resources are represented by the Technical University of Cartagena and University of Murcia, with a long record of collaboration in projects, and also by the main Business School of Murcia (ENAE).

Private engineering companies make possible to afford many ambitious projects inside the Cluster, acting as dynamic members.

The support from the Development Agency of Murcia (INFO) and its network of technological institutes are committed to participate in the projects stated in the Strategic Plan of AML. Specially, the Marine Technological Institute or the Metal Technological Institute, offering a wide catalogue of services and facilities to accomplish activities and projects, in the core needs of the Cluster.

The cluster is managed by the Logistics Association of Murcia, a private non profit association, integrated by industrial companies, services, transport, agencies and persons, interested in the logistics matter in Murcia, and with the promotion, development, innovation in this area as main goal. Also AML is interested in the study of the infrastructures as a way to improve the competitiveness of the companies.

AML is a forum to know, debate, and disseminate the best experiences and practices in the Logistics Management, helping to build the Logistics Cluster concept as a place to afford global discussions to improve the entire system.

We can point seven key goals inside the Strategic Plan of AML, serving as map for all the activities

  1. To increase the cooperation among companies, and agencies, to identify new business opportunities and to offer a more integrated service to clients
  2. To access to new markets through cooperation and agreements acting as one
  3. To increase the transparency in the chain supply, introducing new technologies in the processes of the companies of the cluster
  4. To boost intermodal transport, increasing cooperation among companies and transmitting their necessities to our public authorities
  5. To participate in the plan and development of new infrastructures, sea, air or land, to place Murcia as a key player in the logistics flows in Europe or North of Africa
  6. To transform the sector to a more green and sustainable one, updating vehicles, reducing fuel consumption and emissions
  7. To increase abilities of managers, technicians and drivers, for example regarding customer care or idioms


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